Like everything in life, weddings have evolved and progressed over the years. What used to be a fairly standard wedding could now be considered extravagant and over-the-top, in the same way that what used to be unheard of at a wedding is now common fare.

Wedding food has changed to keep up with the times, and 2021 will bring its own unique slant on the concept, so let’s take a look at the top wedding food trends of 2021.

DIY Options

The traditional wedding meal consisting of different courses have now been changed up and pushed aside in favour of a DIY approach.

Stations where people can pick and choose what they want to eat, as well as putting it together for themselves, have proven themselves to be a popular option. They provide limitless potential for unique food combos that often go down better than a fixed menu. Furthermore, owing to the current climate, the individual plate has come back into favour over a shared meal.

The Legendary Dessert Table

Traditionally,  a typical wedding cake would serve as the dessert course of choice for a meal but this is being replaced over time by a table of mini desserts. The objective is to have a series of different smaller sweet courses for people to pick and choose from.

The element of choice works really well with the DIY main course, and it all pairs nicely together. You’ve got the different choices that you could want, and the freedom to pick.

Food Trucks

Another good option that you could think about when it comes to wedding foods are food trucks. These are great choices for you to experiment with a broad selection of options, and they do offer you quite a lot of  quirky ideas. Food trucks are good because they have a lot of different meal options and it’s a little more casual than a sit down meal.

The Casual Meal

In a lot of cases, a casual meal is the best choice that you can make when it comes to wedding foods in 2021. A wedding meal is not always the go-to, especially in 2021, which has more relaxed undertones. The end goal is often to have a much more social affair, and a casual meal can help a lot with that. It’s a lot more of a family-style, sit down affair, which is welcome in 2021.

Final Thoughts

So, 2021 is definitely more casual. There’s a shift from fancy to relaxed. It’s a welcome change, considering how extravagant weddings aren’t for everyone. These food trends are easily big hits that you can implement. You have to take a look at what kind of atmosphere you want to find your ideal choice. Do you prefer a relaxed, casual affair? Maybe you’re someone who wants a family-style dinner? Whatever your preference, there’s something in 2021 which will work for you. Any of these trends would be a good pick, because they’re all great.

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